MIIW technology, Xiaomi’s ecological chain company, held a launch event in China today. The Company released a number of interesting gadgets at the conference including two mechanical keyboards and a wireless mouse.

MIIW Elite Keyboard

The Elite keyboard comes with an 85 key, compact and frameless design with almost circular keys. However, the star of the show is the voice prompt key that allows the user to activate HKUST Xunfei Voice Pack. This voice pack has the ability to input text and activate smart operations like querying weather and opening tables.

It comes with support for dual-mode connection, which means, it can be connected via Bluetooth as well as via a USB. It can be used with both, Windows and macOS, operating systems

MIIW dual-mode keyboard 85

Just like the Elite keyboard, this one comes with 85 keys and has a dual-connection mode. The design and appearance of keys are more or less the same, however, it lacks the voice key feature. Instead of the voice key, it comes with an Fn key.

MIIW Elite mouse

Just like the other two MIIW products mentioned above, this wireless mouse also supports dual-mode connectivity. It is designed to maximize comfort and comes with a non-slip texture on the back. To achieve different grips, it has a magnetic back shell design that supports height elevation. Apart from this, it has a basic roller in the center

Pricing and Availability

All of these products will be available for sale by 25th February 2020. The mouse and the Elite keyboard will set users back by $42 each, however, the crowdfunding price will be $28 each. The MIIW dual-mode keyboard 85, on the other hand, will be available for sale by 11th March and will cost $25.