Amid the ongoing heatwave, Xiaomi has launched a power-saving air conditioner aptly named the Giant Power Saving Pro. The AC is only available in China for now but should arrive in other markets later.

The Giant Power Saving Pro 1.5HP is capable of super-fast cooling with the ability to cool a room within 30 seconds. It is a dual-purpose AC that supports temperatures as low as -32C and goes all the way up to 60C. It is suitable for rooms sized up to 20 square meters. It also has better power saving than the previous models.

Xiaomi’s Power Saving AC Claims to Cool Your Room in 30 Seconds

The AC has a self-adaptive prediction technology that can learn usage patterns to calibrate itself automatically for cooling as well as heating. The compressor is capable of starting at high speed, so you don’t have to wait for it to start up slowly before it begins cooling. The air circulating volume inside the machine can rise up to 680m3/h.

The Xiaomi Giant Power Saving Pro 1.5HP can work in sync with the Mijia humidifier to maintain an ideal room atmosphere. It also supports voice commands thanks to Xiaomi’s Xiao AI assistant and can be paired with the Mijia smartphone app for more controls.

Xiaomi’s new power-saving AC currently costs $375 in China.