In April last year, Facebook announced a redesign that focuses on a group of features showing that the platform is moving towards more private and intimate communication. The changes were supposed to be implemented by the end of 2019 but the Social media giant has still not made it broadly available. Rather, it has begun by giving a limited number of users access to the redesigned Facebook interface for desktop.

One of the major changes in the interface is decluttering. Facebook has made the icons brighter and the overall interface looks easier to navigate. The users who have access to this redesign will see a popup inviting them to test “The New Facebook”. If the user agrees, he/she will be allowed to change the background colors of the interface or use it in dark mode.

If someone does not like the redesign, he/she is free to switch back to the original Facebook interface using the settings tab. Moreover, in case if someone finds a broken feature or has comments regarding the new interface, the Company is open for feedback. However, some users have claimed that the company does not respond to any of the comments they have made, which is not surprising.

The redesign is still in the testing phase and Facebook is actually waiting for public acceptance before it rolls out the new interface globally.

Image source: Cnet