LG may have pulled out of the smartphone business, but it is still one of the biggest display makers of the industry. As such, the Korean tech giant has announced a new foldable display material that is as hard as glass and does not get creased.

The technology used to make this material is capable of improving both the durability and strength of any foldable panel since such displays are starting to become more accessible with every generation.

LG Unveils a Flexible Display as Hard as Glass With No Creases

LG’s official name for this new type of folding display is “Real Folding Window”. It uses specially developed coating materials on top of a transparent PET film (a thermoplastic polymer resin). With only a few micrometers of the new materials on both sides of the sheet, LG was able to make a thin plastic-like heat-resistant display that is more durable than before.

LG says that the Real Folding Window can withstand over 200,000 folds and does not crease whatsoever. The new material will allow screens to be folded both inwards and outwards.

Chang Do Ki, VP and Division Leader of Advanced Materials at LG has said that this is a step towards resolving the issues customers have with today’s folding displays. He says that this technology will appear on smartphones first and will then make its way to laptops and tablets later.