A metro bus with passengers on board caught fire near Katcheri station in Lahore on Tuesday.

According to details, the fire broke out in the engine of metro bus number 51 and was completely burnt due to the fire. The fire was put out by the staff present at Katcheri stop.

Fortunately, all the passengers were safely evacuated from the bus, and no casualties or injuries were reported during the fire incident.

This is the second time a metro bus in Lahore has caught fire within a space of two weeks.

On 24 June, metro bus number 23 caught fire and was burnt completely due to a short circuit near Minar-i-Pakistan station.

Thankfully, no passengers were on board and the driver remained safe as he managed to escape the bus before the fire engulfed it.

The incident occurred early in the morning when the fleet of metro buses was being transported from the depot to Shahdara and Gajjumata stations to start the service for the day.