A few days back, a consumer class action lawsuit was filed against ByteDance’s TikTok. The Company is facing data harvesting charges since the lawsuit claims that TikTok harvests user data and sends it back to China.

Over the past few years, the distrust in Chinese brands has been on the rise in the west. Huawei is a prime example of this growing pattern.

Reportedly, many American users have been coming forward with allegations regarding the recent misconduct of the application. Even though the company denied all claims, it has to face a lawsuit due to the massive number of accusations.

American TikTok users started coming forward after a New Jersey TikTok user, used the platform to create a video raising awareness regarding Beijing’s mass detention of Uighurs in Xinjiang. As the video went viral, ByteDance took it down and later said it was a mistake and the company had no intention to remove the video.

As a result, ByteDance is facing immense pressure from the US Government and is undergoing an investigation by CFIUS (Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States). The committee might ask ByteDance to halt TikTok’s US operations if any kind of national security threat is proved.